Introducing our Online Noticeboard

Historically the unit has used Facebook to communicate with cadets and their parents/caregivers. Over the last few years we have had increasing calls to adopt new communication channels, as the popularity of Facebook has declined and how people use it has changed.

We are now pleased to introduce our online noticeboard, as part of our new website. Throughout the week our staff will post information and reminders which are instantly publically available – without the need to sign in or download an app. As a subscriber (parents/caregivers and cadets have been added by default), you will also receive a weekly summary of any new posts at 6pm on a Tuesday evening – giving you time to read the message and organise things before Thursday night or the weekend. If you have a question or wish to refer back to information you can, as all posts will remain available on our website. You may also simply reply to the email with any questions you may have.

If you decide you don’t want these emails you can unsubscribe below at any time. Anyone can subscribe (such as additional family members) or re-subscribe using the link on our website. 

This will become our primary means of communicating routine messages with cadets and their parents/caregivers – so we strongly suggest you stay subscribed or regularly check the website. However, from time to time specific emails may still be sent when the situation requires it.