Return to physical parades this week

We are very excited to be getting back to physical parades this week!

The programme this week

To ensure we do not exceed 100 personnel, and are able to maintain sufficient physical distancing, we will be parading over two nights – Thursday and Friday.

For the following two weeks, if you are in Spitfire (Number 1) and Hurricane (Number 4) flights, please attend on Thursday at the usual time.

If you are in Mustang (Number 2) or Harvard (Number 3) flights, please attend on Friday at the usual time.

Not sure what flight you’re in? Check the link here

There is a small margin for swapping parade nights, so if you are absolutely not able to attend on your assigned parade night, please get in touch and we may be able to accommodate a shift.

To parade safely and in a way that meets Government and NZCF requirements there are several measures we are putting in place. These include:

  • Sanitising surfaces

All touch points and surfaces will be sanitised before Cadets enter the building and between group use.

Alcogel will be available at various places around the building for use.

  • Face coverings

All personnel 18 years and over are required to wear a face covering. Please get in touch if there is a reason you can’t comply with this. All other personnel are encouraged to wear a face covering also.

  • Physical Distancing

The majority of our activities will be occurring outside and have been selected with physical distancing requirements in mind. The NZCF requires that Cadets maintain 2m physical distancing when inside and outside.

  • Signing in

There is a building QR code available for use if desired, however the Unit roll will also record Cadet presence.

Parents and Caregivers are asked to wait in their vehicles. If for some reason you do need to enter the premises, you must wear a face covering and scan or sign in.

In summary:

  • Spitfire and Hurricane flight Cadets attend THURSDAY
  • Mustang and Harvard flight Cadets attend FRIDAY
  • Attend at the normal parade times
  • Enter and exit using the gate you usually would
  • Bring and wear a face covering if you are 18 years old or over
  • Ask your parents or caregivers to stay in their vehicles during pickup /drop off
  • Use alcogel when provided and maintain the required physical distancing
  • Have fun and enjoy being back at Cadets!

We look forward to seeing you this Thursday and Friday.