Parading under Covid-19 Protection Framework – Red

As we welcome new recruits to the Unit, our size will grow to over 100 once again. We are taking the appropriate steps to ensure we meet the red level restrictions regarding gathering and facility capacity. Rather than parading in two groups over two separate nights as we did last year, we will be running separate programmes on a Thursday parade night.

From this week (10 Feb) onwards, there will be separate entrances and exits for different year groups.

Advanced Cadets (4th years) are to enter and exit the premises via Isitt Lane. (This is where you currently leave at the end of the night). New recruits will also be leaving/entering via this exit.

At the beginning of the night, please form up on the grass directly beside this entrance. A staff member will open the gate for access once a group is assembled. Remember that you are in the public eye when in this area and act accordingly.

Basic 2 and Prof Cadets (2nd and 3rd years) are to enter and leave from our Corsair Drive entrance.

If you have siblings in different year groups, the siblings should use the most senior Cadets entrance e.g. a 1st year Cadet and 3rd year Cadet should enter/exit at the 3rd year Cadet’s entrance – Corsair Dr.

NCOs should use the entrance of the group they are teaching that night, or if they are not teaching, then use the Isitt Lane entrance.

This week, please form up outside the building on arrival, and the separate training programmes and facilities will be explained to you. Lessons and activities will take place outdoors as much as possible, and all personnel must wear a facemask at all times, unless participating in physical activity. Cadets are to back in uniform (CWD) this week.

A reminder that all personnel must have a vaccine pass to attend. This along with your dates of vaccination must be sent to the email for uploading to your CadetNet profile. This is the last week for this to occur.

As always, anyone with Covid-19 symptoms must stay at home. Any person who has been in contact with a confirmed case, or a close contact at a location of interest may not attend parade nights or activities.

Lastly – don’t forget our new recruit open afternoon, this Saturday 2-4pm. New recruit numbers will be capped this year, so make sure those who are keen get in quick! Those coming along need to register at to help us keep track of numbers.