Some small changes to our payment process

Credit card transaction fees have up till now been covered by the unit when purchases were made using credit card. This costs in excess of $10/cadet/year. As such, the Unit Support Committee who manage the unit finances have agreed that from now, these fees will be added to credit card transactions. This small additional fee will automatically be added when you choose the payment type “credit card” in the online shop.

(If you select “internet banking” instead, there is no additional fee added to the activity cost. If using internet banking, please be sure to put the activity name in the ‘particulars’ field, and your Cadets name in the ‘reference’ field).

Please continue to make payments through the online shop, whether using internet banking or credit card, as it makes tracking and managing payments much simpler for our treasurer.

If you have any queries around payments, please email the Adjutant on, who can forward your email to the appropriate person on the Unit Support Committee as required.