New Cadet Enrolment Process

To all our new cadets enrolling this year – thank you for your patience! You have joined right on the cusp of our national body changing our enrolment processes from paper to digital. This has resulted in a variety of challenges which have meant some of you have needed to fill in enrolment forms twice, and received various emails with enrolment links. We apologise for the teething issues! The correct enrolment link is from “” and only needs to be filled out once. If you have received multiple links for this, please ignore it. Thank you for bearing with us while we adapt to these new processes.

The correct process is as follows;

1) Fill out and sign the NZCF2A and the USC additional info form, return to the adjutants office with a copy of a photo ID.
2)Once received you will be emailed the enrolment link.
3) Go to the 17 SQN website shop and pay the annual fees.
4) Once these have been received and your enrolment processed your cadet will be sized up and given their uniform. Please be aware our stores team will be working down the list in order of enrolment and so your cadet may not receive their uniform the week the process is completed, but I can assure you we will get to them.

If you have any questions or concerns about enrolment, please get in touch via