Exercise Ardua is this weekend – Reminders

Exercise Ardua is this weekend, starting at 6pm this Friday 30 June.

Cadetnet applications are still open for any last minute applications, but will be closing soon.

We are still after payments, please pay via the online shop: https://www.17squadronatc.com/shop/

Joining Instructions can be found here: https://www.17squadronatc.com/forms/

We are still after parent/caregiver support with carpooling cadets to and from the venue. Please complete the below Google Form to assist us: https://forms.gle/vwEgUQQKWPSYGXky8

If you are going directly to/from the venue as it is closer to you than having to go to Wigram first, please let marie.watson@cadetforces.org.nz know.